Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Handmade Jewelry in my Etsy Shop

It's been some months that I shared something with you..Hope this new year I will share more things here..Happy New Year with lots of happiness and love! : ) Sharing some handmade jewelry from my Etsy shop!Hope you will enjoy! : ) 1. Rhinestone pearl necklace 2. Orange Flower Necklace 3. Yellow Flower Necklace 4. Rhinestone Flower Necklace

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Self - Knowledge - What Do You Believe About Yourself?

It's been quite a lot of time that I shared something with you here which I plan to improve in. I have many things to share with you from the past two months, which changed and still changing my life. My goal is to share everything uplifting that helps me to live a happy and creative life and also make me think outside of the box of what we have learned as "good"and "bad" from our parents, schools and society.

Boarding on a trip of self-exploration and knowledge, motivated by the anxiety mostly about the future and what will happen to me, my loved ones and to the world in general,(once more from a new perspective this time, although I have studied for so many years psychotherapy)this time I needed something more spiritual that would combine psychology and spirituality, because I strongly believe that we are not only our bodies but we have also our souls and spirits.

What surprised me really was the video I share below which made me realize that we are not only our beliefs and we are not preys of situations but co-creators in life! The video of "The Language of the Divine Matrix" in YouTube by Gregg Braden was an apocalypses for me I know it is 5 hours BUT worth every minute!

I would love to hear what keeps you going and whatever you have to share that uplifts you! : )

Universe Painting from JenkittysCloset